Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a billion dollar business for thieves and a billion dollar loss for the consumer. Recent changes in federal regulations under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) now require that financial institutions put in place additional measures to safeguard your account.

As we undertake additional security measures to safeguard your accounts, we also want to add additional value to our relationship. Therefore, we have partnered with a professional identify theft recovery service, IDSafeChoice. This service will cover both financial and non-financial fraud that you may experience. In addition, these benefits are extended to all named accountholders and 3 generations of your family, including your spouse, children, and parents (see complete terms below).

Since October 1, 2009,  we have provided professional identity theft recovery services to our members with a checking account.  A security fee of $1.50 is charged to each checking account monthly for this beneficial service.

  • Important: we recognize that you may be already covered by your own identity theft plan. Please contact the credit union at (877) 352-9513 if you have any concerns about this program.
  • Since this is a family benefit, one account provides IDSafeChoice benefits for your entire family. If you have received this notification on more than one account that you or your family member has with Grand Rapids Family Credit Union, please be sure to tell us which account will be included in this program and we will cancel the benefit on the other account(s).

Should you have any concern that you may be a victim of identity theft, or even that your identity has been compromised, or you want to cancel this service contact our offices @ 877-352-9513 and we will take care of your request in a timely manner.

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